What’s new in Project Clippi 1.3.0?

Vincent Au
3 min readApr 26, 2020

Since its inception, Project Clippi has evolved from just an automation framework to a must-have Slippi toolkit. The latest update brings several new features to the table. Let’s check ’em out!

Finding highlights using button-combo tags

Back in March, schmooblidon introduced the concept of tagging moments in game by pressing a button combination and then later using a script to find those moments again. With the latest Project Clippi update the replay processor now has the ability to find button combinations. You can customise whether or not the button combination should be pressed or held, how long it should be held for, how long the clip should be and more!

Choose a button combination and customise whether it should be pressed or held.

Say you just landed your first sacred combo but you’re not sure if you can find it by matching a combo profile. Simply press (or hold) the button combination to tag that moment and then rest easy knowing you can relive that glory again later on.

Custom playback queue functionality

So now you’ve got all these JSON files full of combos and sick moments and you want to play them back in Dolphin. What was the command again to open it in Dolphin? Is this the right Dolphin path? What? I can load them into Dolphin at a click of a button? No way.

Drag and drop your SLP files, shuffle or rearrange the order. One-click loading into Dolphin.

The latest Project Clippi update now has a Playback Queue tab. Just choose which JSON file to load, click Play and boom — it’s playing in Dolphin. Oh, you also want to play certain SLP files? Just drag and drop them in. You can rearrange the playback order, shuffle the order, or save it as a JSON file for later.

Miscellaneous improvements

The latest Project Clippi also brings with it the ability to auto-launch Melee (just specify the ISO file path in the settings), pause and unpause OBS actions, user interface improvements, and much better app performance — specifically when processing replays.

Download links

Project Clippi support Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Click here to download the latest version for your operating system. As always, if you need some help, want to report a bug or request a feature, or just want to chat, feel free to message @ProjectClippi on Twitter.

Closing remarks

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting Project Clippi in various ways, from reporting bugs to writing Project Clippi guides in other languages. If you’re inclined to give financially please consider subscribing to Fizzi’s Patreon since none of this would be possible without him.



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