Project Clippi: A Melee Automation Framework

Vincent Au
4 min readJan 11, 2020

tl;dr: Project Clippi is an automation framework for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Detect an event → execute an action. Someone did a sick combo? Twitch clip it. A new game is starting? Change OBS scenes. A player died? Play a sound. Everything is open source and fully-customisable. The possibilities are endless.


It started with a thought — what if I could automatically create Twitch clips whenever a Melee combo occurred? What it became was an entire Melee automation framework. Introducing… Project Clippi.

Screenshot of Project Clippi


  • Can detect when combos happen, stocks are spawned or lost, a game starts or ends
  • Twitch clip support
  • OBS scene change and source toggling support
  • Can play sounds and show notifications
  • Supports both Slippi Dolphin and Slippi Nintendont
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Fully open-source!

Action Automator

Think of Project Clippi like auto-switcher but on steroids. Want to switch to the player cam whenever you do a fully sick combo? You can automate that. Sick of shouting “Somebody clip that!”? You can automate that. Sick of making your bed in the morning? You can automate that too — just not with Project Clippi… yet.

Custom Combo Finder

Sick of sifting through SLP files and modifying JS scripts in search of that perfect combo? What if you had a nice UI for customising every aspect of your combo search and could even save them as different profiles? Getting overwhelmed with the number of SLP files you have and wish you could just delete all the files which don’t contain combos? Project Clippi helps you sift through all your SLP files and generate Dolphin-compatible JSON files for that perfect combo video.

Project Clippi helps you sift through your Slippi files to find that perfect combo.


Project Clippi supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux! You can download the latest Project Clippi release for your operating system from the releases page.

Getting Started

You have two options when connecting Project Clippi to a Slippi source. You can connect to a console source using the Slippi Desktop app as a relay, or connect to a folder that has live SLP files being written to it. e.g. Slippi Dolphin. Follow the links below based on what source you are connecting to.


If you found Project Clippi useful and would like to give back here’s how you can:

  • Spread the word! The more people that use it, the more Project Clippi can improve!
  • If you have ideas for new features, or would like to report a bug, please fill out this form, or tweet at @ProjectClippi.
  • If you are gifted in the way of code, you can help by adding more detectable events and more executable actions. Dive into the docs for the slp-realtime library which underpins this project and the source code for the Project Clippi front-end.


While I’ve spent the past several months working on this project from the comfort of my occasionally smokey room, firefighters have been risking their lives for the past several months defending my country. Australia is currently battling the worst bushfires it has ever seen. Almost 15 million acres have been burned, and almost half a billion animals have died or lost their habitat. The air quality has been reaching more than 11 times hazardous levels, at least 25 people have died, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, and that’s not the worst of it. The fire is still burning uncontrollably. Right. Now.

If you are financially able, please donate to any of the following bushfire relief organisations. For all donations of $5 or more, I will highly prioritise your feedback and requested features. For all donations of $10 or more, I will also include your name (and/or gamer tag) in a list of Project Clippi supporters to be included in the main page as well as in the app itself.

After donating, leave your feedback using the feedback form, or tweet at @ProjectClippi with a proof of donation. If you donated because of Project Clippi but don’t want anything in return (bless your soul) then tweet at @ProjectClippi anyway so I can thank you for your support.


Project Clippi wouldn’t be here without the work of Jas Laferriere and the rest of the Project Slippi team, and all the Project Clippi supporters.



Vincent Au

An Australian software engineer who studied in South Korea for a year and has a passion for languages — both programming and spoken.