How to make SSBM combo videos using Project Clippi

A beginner’s guide to making Super Smash Bros. Melee combo videos

1. Download Project Clippi

Make sure to download the right Project Clippi binary for your operating system.

2. Setup Project Clippi

3. Fine tune the output

No combos were found!

These combos are just of me getting bodied!

Don’t forget to save!

I still can’t find any combos!!

4. Load the combos into Dolphin

5. Record Dolphin


Dolphin loads but doesn’t play anything and only shows a blank screen!

Set the ISO that should auto-load when playing back replays.

Dolphin only plays like one or two clips before stopping!

Dolphin gets stuck on the ‘Waiting for game’ screen and won’t play anything!

What’s the difference between combos and conversions?

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